Wave ‚O‘ Dome – GGJ 2016

The result of my participation in the Global Game Jam 2017 was the game ‚Wave’O’Dome‘. A multiplayer arena brawlerA multiplayer arena brawler. Inspired by local multiplayer games like „Gangbeasts“, the idea of ​​an arena brawler came up, in which an emitter was placed in the middle of the playing field. During the game the emitter keeps sending out waves to the rythm of the background music. During play, the emitter emits waves in the rhythm of the background music. These waves are to take up the theme of the Global Game Jam. The player has to dodge these waves and uses items in order to push the other players into the waves.

My tasks

In this project I was responsible for the waves, the emitter and the items. I also took care of the level design. Since the collision of each part of the wave with the scenery and the players was important, the wave consists of many individual particles. If the player collides with a wave, an effect is triggered. The effect of the wave depends on its type. Red waves destroy the player’s robot, yellow waves stun and blue waves push the robot forward.