Stürmen und Türmen

After the successful projection of „Ludus Ante Portas“ in the fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz, „Stürmen und Türmen“ emerged as a permanent installation for the fortress.

As the game was going to be on permanent installation, the challenge was to design the game in a way that new players could join anytime and still enjoy it, if they play alone. This is how the idea of a small mini-game collection came into existence, which allows for the playful conquest of the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

My tasks

Responsible for scoring and the creation of the interface, the challenges were mainly in the presentation of the player points. Designed for a target group from old to young, it was very important to explain as easily as possible how the game is played and what needs to be done. In addition, I was responsible for the design of the levels.

At the beginning of the game the players vote for either playing as Prussian or French.

Before starting a mini-game, an explanation of the game will be displayed, along with the controls. Here is a video played, which explains the game. The game starts at the end of a timer or after all players have checked in.

After the game, the points earned are displayed. The soldier of the player with the most points dances, the least one is sad. Here, the game automatically continues after 10 seconds and it will start the next mini-game.

The mini-games

Shoot a breach

In the first mini-game, the players must shoot at the wall of the fortress and then storm the fortress. In order to destroy the wall, the player must fire a bullet and hit as close as possible to the marked spot. Then the player has to reload the cannon with buttonmashing. When the life bar of the wall is at zero, the wall collapses and the mini-game is over.

Balance ladder

Now players have to carry a ladder across the courtyard to the second wall. Players can shift their weight left and right, making sure they do not get out of whack. The goal is to be the first to arrive at the wall. Distributed on the field bonus points can be collected in the form of coins.

Climb the wall

Arriving at the wall, players have to climb them with their ladder. In the process, many objects fall down on the players, which players have to dodge. However, there are also items that give the player bonuses. Whoever arrives at the top first gets the most points.

Hoist flags

Finally, players must raise their flag to show everyone that they have captured the fortress. In order to raise a flag, the player has to press two buttons alternately. The player who raises his flag the fastest, gets the most points.