Orc Commander

As part of a voluntary team project, the idea of a small strategy game was born with a focus on building bases and equipping units.

The player produce units that automatically follow the connected street until they are routed out of the player’s base. From there, the units will automatically pick one of 3 routes and move towards the opponent base. The goal is to prevent the opponents from destroying the bridge leading to the battlefield and destroying the enemy’s main building.

My tasks

My tasks were the functions of the buildings and the behavior of the units of the opponent and the player. In addition, I have dealt with the level design. The biggest challenge here was to ensure that the performance remained stable with higher amounts of units. Since I used Unity’s nav-mesh agents and the units ran relatively naively to the nearest possible target, it led many units to push each other away, resulting in many collisions. To remedy this, we have decided that each unit can only be attacked by one melee and one ranged unit. In addition, all collisions below the units were switched off. Although this resulted in an ugly nesting of the units, this could be defused quickly by several waypoints.

Equipping units

If the player sends the produced units directly to the battlefield, they are extremly weak. But if he builds forges and produces new armor and weapons instead, the orcs can be routed through a building where they are equipped with the weapons and armor. The goal here is to provide the appropriate counterattack of equipment to effectively defeat the opponents. To produce weapons and armor, time and ores are needed.