Ludus ante Portas

For the „Design und Kulturtage“ in Trier, we created a game, which was projected to the World Heritage Site, the Porta Nigra.

For three days, visitors of the „Design und Kulturtagen“ could play as Teutons and shoot with catapults at the Porta Nigra or, as Romans, try to defend the Porta Nigra. The game geometry has been adjusted to match the real Porta Nigra. With a huge team of over 40 people, the organization effort was enormous, especially as it was the first big project for most of us.

After the „Design und Kulturtagen“ in Trier, the „Festung Ehrenbreitstein“ in Koblenz showed interest in „Ludus ante Portas“. For the projection inside the „Festung Ehrenbreitstein“ we had to change the playing field a bit. Since we no longer projected directly onto the Porta Nigra, a background image was inserted and many weaknesses that were noticed during the projection in Trier were resolved. So we have made it easier to identify when a Roman has no shield and catapults inserted so that the Germanic players better understand who they play. In addition, we have added a timer for the game time and the background changes from day to night as the game progresses. As part of the annual „Festungsleuchten“ in the „Festung Ehrenbreitstein“ in Koblenz then „Ludus ante Portas“ was projected daily for two weeks.

My Tasks

At the beginning of the project I was responsible for the preparation of a prototype. For the final game I took care of the game logic (loss and victory conditions) and the control of the five Roman players. Since a 40-strong team has a lot of hustle and bustle and many jumped towards the end, I was also responsible together with a fellow student for the entire organization on site and all test runs. We also fixed any bugs found throughout the project.

In Koblenz I tried to improve the registration of 10 controllers with the help of a main menu, as this was one of the main problems in Trier. For better testing, I also added the ability to play with fewer than 10 registered controllers. Currently at least 2 players are necessary, which is why the captured screenshots show only two players.