Corridor of Horror

The first project, with self-recorded motion capture animations, was created as part of a media project.This was my first unity project in 3D. All animations used are recorded in the Motion Capture Studio of the Trier University. The game itself is about a young woman who relives her memories. The selected level for the prototype is about a visit to the hospital, where the protagonist’s grandmother lies. The player has a special item, the head of the grandmother, with which he can keep the evil at a distance. But every time the player uses the grandmother’s head, the grandmother’s body knows where the player is. The body then immediately begins to hunt and attack the player, each hit being deadly. For this reason, the player has to weigh when he really needs the head. The goal is to escape from the hospital.

My tasks

The control and animation of the main character, as well as the design of parts of the level, fell into my area of responsibility. The biggest difficulties in this project were the self-recorded animations. These had to be elaborately edited to be able to use them without errors in Unity.